Windows 10 License Agreement Pdf

h. Conflict with AAA rules. This Agreement applies if it conflicts with the AAA Commercial Arbitration Rules or the Consumer Arbitration Rules. 5. Authorized Software and Activation. You may only use this Software if you have an appropriate license and the Software has been properly activated with an original product key or other authorized means. If you connect to the Internet while using the Software, the Software will automatically contact Microsoft or an affiliate to perform activation in order to associate it with a specific device. You can also activate the software manually via the Internet or by phone. In both cases, certain information is transmitted and Internet, telephone and SMS service charges may apply. Upon activation (or reactivation, which may be triggered by changes to your device components), the Software may determine that the installed instance of the Software is false, incorrectly licensed, or contains unauthorized changes. If activation fails, the software attempts to repair itself by replacing the compromised Microsoft software with genuine Microsoft software.

You may also receive reminders to obtain an appropriate license for the software. Successful activation does not confirm that the software is genuine or appropriately licensed. You should not bypass or bypass activation. To find out if your software is genuine and if you have an appropriate license, see ( Some updates, support, and other services can only be offered to users of genuine Microsoft software. 4.8. You may not rent, rent, sublicense or transfer ORPALIS PDF Reducer copies, documentation, license keys or your rights under this License. The manufacturer or setup and Microsoft make no other express warranties or conditions. The manufacturer or installer and Microsoft disclaim all implied warranties and conditions, including those of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. If your local law does not allow the exclusion of implied warranties, all implied warranties, warranties or conditions apply only for the duration of the limited warranty and are limited to the extent permitted by your local law. If, despite this Agreement, your local law requires a longer limited warranty period, that longer period will apply, but you may only recover the remedies permitted by this Agreement. 4.4.

Licenses are not transferable between Users. So if an organization has “n” users using ORPALIS PDF Reducer, it needs “n” licenses. 5.1. Legitimate holders of the ORPALIS PDF Reducer license are entitled to a free upgrade from the minor version of ORPALIS PDF Reducer medium/small from their purchased major version (e.g. B, if you are using an ORPALIS PDF reducer version 1.x.y. You can upgrade to future minor versions for free, including 1.9.9). No new license keys are required for such an upgrade. The One Desktop license allows you to use PDF Reducer On-Premises Edition on a desktop computer (all Windows desktop operating systems from Vista onwards). 4.2.

Legally purchased ORPALIS PDF Reducer licenses are valid for life and entitle the licensee to free updates for medium/minor minor versions of the purchased major version. Upgrades to major versions are not free. (iv) Preview.You may use pre-release, internal, beta, or other pre-release versions of the Software (“Previews”) that Microsoft may make available. You may only use the Previews until the expiration date of the Software and as long as you comply with all the terms of this Agreement. The previews are experimental and may differ significantly from the commercialized version. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, the previews are provided “AS IS” and no implied or express warranties (including the Limited Warranty) apply to such versions. By installing previews on your device, you may void or compromise your device`s warranty and not be eligible for support from your device manufacturer or, if applicable, the carrier. Microsoft is not responsible for any damages you may suffer as a result. Microsoft may not provide support services for previews. If you provide feedback, suggestions, or other feedback from Microsoft for the preview (“Submission”), you grant Microsoft and its partners the rights to use the Submission in any way and for any purpose. c.

Restrictions. The manufacturer or installer and Microsoft reserve all rights (para. B rights under intellectual property laws) that are not expressly granted in this Agreement. For example, this license does not give you the right to: 14. Entire Agreement. This Agreement (together with the terms of the printed paper license agreement or other terms that accompany software supplements, updates, and services provided by the manufacturer or installer or Microsoft that you are using) and the terms contained in the web links listed in this Agreement constitute the entire Agreement for the Software and such supplements, updates and services (unless: the manufacturer or installer or Microsoft provides other terms for those supplements, updates, or services). You may review this Agreement after the performance of your Software by accessing ( or Settings – System – Information in the Software. You may also review the Terms at any of the links in this Agreement by entering the URLs in a browser address bar, and you agree to that. You agree to read the Terms before using the Software or Services, including any related terms. You understand that by using the Software and Services, you are ratifying this Agreement and its associated terms. There are also informative links in this Agreement. Links that contain binding notices and terms are as follows: (ii) Microsoft, the manufacturer, or the installer may contain additional applications that are subject to separate license terms and privacy policies.

One. Networks, data and Internet usage. Certain features of the software and services accessible through the software may require your device to access the Internet. Your access to and use (including fees) may be subject to the terms of your mobile or INTERNET service provider agreement. Some features of the software can help you access the Internet more efficiently, but the software usage calculations may differ from your service provider`s measurements. You are always responsible for (i) understanding and complying with the terms of your own plans and agreements, and (ii) for any issues arising from the use of or access to networks, including public/open networks. You may use the Software to connect to networks and share access information on those networks only if you have permission to do so. 7. Demotion Rights. If you purchased a device from a manufacturer or installer that came with a Professional version of Windows preinstalled and it is configured to run in full functionality mode, you can use a Windows 8.1 Professional or Windows 7 Professional version, but only as long as Microsoft supports that earlier version, as described in ( This Agreement applies to your use of earlier versions.

If the earlier version contains other components, all of the terms and conditions of those components in the contract provided with the earlier version apply to your use of those components. Neither the manufacturer, nor the installer, nor Microsoft are required to provide you with earlier versions. You will need to purchase the previous version separately, which may be charged a fee. You can always replace an earlier version with the version you originally purchased. 2.2. Commercial versions (PDF Reducer On-Premises Editions) allow users to automate PDF Reducer functions via scripts or integrate PDF Reducer functions into their own applications, so that on-premises editions are licensed and volume licensed for desktop or server. 1.1. This Agreement is a license agreement between you and ORPALIS (the “Author”) for the use of an ORPALIS PDF Reducer Edition (“the Software”) that you have downloaded for use as Free Software (Cloud Edition) or purchased or downloaded for evaluation purposes (On-Premises Editions). b.

Device. In this Agreement, “Device” means a hardware system (physical or virtual) that has an internal storage device on which the Software can run. A hardware partition or blade is considered a device. 4.1. The commercial license of ORPALIS PDF Reducer allows users to install, use, access, view and run a copy of the Software on a single computer. B for example on a workstation, terminal or other device (“Workstation Computer”) running a legally licensed copy of the operating system for which ORPALIS PDF Reducer was developed (for example, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2003-SP2, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012). 3. Data protection; Consent to the use of data.

Your privacy is important to us. Some features of the software send or receive information when those features are used. .