Uk Towage Agreement

The congestion of the distance in the ocean poses many challenges for tugs, including the impact of adverse weather conditions on the performance of the tug and tug. Standard towing conditions do not provide protection to tug owners, as the Australian Trade Practices Act abolishes conditions. 4. During towing or, at the request of the tenant, providing a service other than towing, or at the request of a service other than towing, – (a) the tug (except in clauses 4 C) and (e) of that provision) may not be held responsible for (i) any damage of any kind or form of smuggler or offer; either from or to the tenant`s vessel, or to or to a cargo or other object on board, or loaded or intended to be loaded on board the tenant`s vessel, tug or tender or any other object or property; or (ii) the loss of the tenant`s tug or destender or vessel, cargo or other objects on board, or loading on board the tenant`s vessel, tug or tender or any other object or other purpose; or (iii) any claim by a person who is not a party to this agreement in the event of loss or damage of any kind; for any reason, including (without prejudice to the universality of the above) negligence at any time of the tug its servants or agents, indefectibility, incompetence or collapse of the tug or tender, its machinery, boilers, towing equipment, towing equipment. Driving, cables or wires, lack of fuel, rolling, speed or other means and (b) The tenant (except provided at points 4 C and e) is liable, paid and compensates the tug against the end in terms of loss or damage and all claims of any kind or other nature, whether or not they fall under the provisions of point 4 (e) of these provisions or not , without prejudice to the universality of the above, include any loss or damage suffered by the tug or the tug`s offer or property, even if they are due or caused by the negligence of the smuggler of its servants or agents. (c) The provisions of points 4 (a) and 4 (b) of these provisions do not apply to claims that arise in the following circumstances: (i) all claims that the tenant has, directly and solely, resulting from the tug`s personal omission from towing or the tender for navigation at the beginning of the towing service or other service. For the purposes of this clause, the personal responsibility of the smuggler in the exercise of due diligence must be construed as only for the person or persons who have final control and management of Tugowner`s activity, as well as any agent (except the supervision and crew of a tug or offer) to which the tug owner expressly delegated the special duty to exercise due diligence and not to include any other owner of the tug or an independent agent or contractor. used by the Tugowner. (ii) any claims that arise when the tug or tender, although towed or providing a service other than towing, are not in the vicinity or in danger of the tenant`s vessel or another vessel visiting the tenant`s vessel and all ropes, lines, cables or moorings connected to the tenant`s vessel , are resolved and free safely. Yes, regardless of the above, the provisions of points 4 (a) and 4 (b), regardless of the above: whether they carry persons or goods of any kind (in addition to the officers and crew and the usual equipment of the tug orkeeper) for all claims that arise at any time, where the transport or offer is made at the express or implied request of the tenant of his agents or auxiliary all or part of the presence of these persons, or objects are produced on board or occur at any time when the tug or supply is flowing in dangerous conditions or circumstances on board or from the tenant`s vessel.