Snowdon Mtb Agreement

There is a long-standing agreement between the Snowdonia National Park Authority and the mountain bike community on access to Snowdon and its equestrian trails. The voluntary cycling contract includes all cycle paths leading to the top of snowdon (Llanberis Trail, Snowdon Ranger and Rhyd Ddu Trail). Cyclists are asked not to cycle to the top of Snowdon from May 1st to September 30th between 10am and 5pm. From October to the end of April, cyclists will have full access to these equestrian trails. The Maesgwm route (also known as telegraph Valley), which connects the Snowdon Ranger Trail to the village of Llanberis, is not affected by the agreement. In order to avoid accidents involving cyclists and hikers when the paths leading to the top of Snowdon are very full from May to September, a voluntary agreement has been negotiated: as it is a voluntary agreement, it is up to individuals to respect the restrictions. Cycling UK calls on citizens to do so for the safety and enjoyment of all and to ensure that the right to enjoy Wales` highest mountain is not threatened by a small minority. The following voluntary agreement was negotiated between the cycling organisations, the Sport Council for Wales, Gwynedd County Council and the Snowdonia National Park Authority. Snowdon Benevolte bikes During the summer months Snowdon is very full of hikers and tourists.

In order to avoid accidents and incidents involving cyclists, a voluntary agreement has been reached, limiting the periods during which bicycles are allowed on Snowdon. To avoid any total ban, please respect the schedules of this agreement – available here. Snowdonia National Park Access Officer Peter Rutherford: “We ask ATVs to respect the existing agreement between Snowdonia National Park and various groups of ATV users and to stay away from the Llanberis, Snowdon Ranger and Rhyd Ddu trails from 1 May to the end of September between 10am and 5.00pm. The agreement was reached to avoid possible clashes between incredibly large amounts of hikers and cyclists at rush hour. It has worked well for many years and shows that all users can share the paths successfully, but it depends on the fact that cyclists respect the agreement, which most people do. Let`s be honest, Snowdon is one of those bike rides that makes every mountain bike bucket list. However, due to the large number of hikers during the summer months, the Snowdon Voluntary Cycle Agreement was concluded between snowdonia National Park, Gwynedd County Council, CTC, Welsh Cycling Union and the International Mountain Bicycling Association. The Framed Bicycle Co as a bike shop and enthusiastic cyclists invite you to respect the agreement in order to ensure the safety of all mountain users.

We recommend recording your ride later in the day, regardless of the season, because if you`ve taken the trouble to climb, you ideally want to minimize the amount of traffic you`d encounter on the descent. Please respect the agreement so as not to push up just to push down. 1. Due to its popularity, Snowdon is subject to an access agreement. We mountain bikers agree to stay from the mountain between May 1st and September 31st between 10am and 5pm. Recently, there have been a few violations of the Voluntary Bike Agreement on Snowdon, where bikes have ridden on the mountain at rush hour of the day. And national park officers have had a few complaints from more than one person who drives some cyclists at a ruthless speed and verbally makes pedestrians offensive.