International Agreement Competitive Restrictions Template

(a) Contract agents may use the justification and approval model; 4. Changes recommended during the recruitment process shall be assessed by the contract agent in consultation with saf/AQC before the J&A is submitted to the SPE for approval. 5306.302-1 A single responsible source and no other supply or service meets agency requirements 1(a) All service contract actions that meet the definition of a transition action in AFFARS 5302.101 require a written and approved J&A document as defined by 5306.304(a). All J&A bridge actions must be marked as “J&A Bridge Action” as shown in the J&A template. An amendment for the renewal of services made in accordance with clause FAR 52.217-8, option to renew services, will not be considered a transitional measure unless the total extension period of six months authorized by the clause is exceeded. * For the Air Force, procurement activity under FAR 2.101 is synonymous with the awarding of contracts. (b) (1) The Life Cycle Conservation Plan (PSCA)/Acquisition Strategy Approval Authority is authorized to sign and approve the findings and findings (D&F) required under paragraph 6.202(b)(1) of the FAR. (a) DAS(C) is the Appointed Advocate General for Competition of the Air Force. AFTC is the competition lawyer for AFOTEC. The following organizations are referred to as Air Force Procurement Activities: Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center (AFOTEC) **J&A for actions over $100 million must be coordinated with DAS(C) or ADAS(C) and approved by the SPE. The contractor, after consultation with the SCO, must at the same time provide justifications that must be approved by the SPE. 18 days may be granted for staffing and approval of the SPE upon receipt by SAF/QA.

J&A files submitted to SAF/AQ must include an Electronic Personnel Overview Sheet (eSSS) in the body of the email or as an attachment (Word document only). Attach the approved acquisition strategy (or a draft acquisition strategy if the strategy document has not been approved) to the J&A package and list each attachment under the eSSS “tabs” using the exact electronic file name (e.B. ACE Acquisition Strategy) of the relevant Annex. The SCO may approve the publication of the application after the rationale has been reviewed to ensure that it was adequate and forwarded to SAF/AQ and SAF/AQC. Send your questions or concerns regarding the processing of a J&A for SPE approval to SAF/AQC. (c) Restrictions. The document referred to in paragraph 206.302-4(c) of the DFARS must be entitled “Competitive Restrictions of the International Agreement (IACR)”. The authority to establish an IACR is delegated by the HCA to the contracting authority (see MP5301.601(a)(i)).

The Contractor must include the IACR and a copy of the associated offer and letter of acceptance in the contract file after completion. 5306.202 Establishment or maintenance of alternative sources 1 Contract agents must provide the Contest Sponsor with a copy of the signed J&A and send a document or email to the Contest Sponsor. Delegable to contract agents, in accordance with the mandate level See MP5306.502, Air Force Competition and Commercial Advocacy Program. (e) Pre-Procurement: After the approval of a J&A but prior to the award of the contract, if the dollar value of the contract is expected to exceed the original J&A approval authority, the Contractor must submit a modified J&A to the relevant approval authority for approval. The modified J&A identifies the increase in dollars over the original approved J&A. (1) a change to reduce the dollar value or scope of the effort; or (a) calls for tenders other than full and open competition may be published prior to approval by the explanatory memorandum, with the exception of paragraph FAR 6.305(c) and the paragraph marked with an asterisk under the table in paragraph 5306.304(a). (b) These organizations may continue to designate subordinate organizations as procurement activities subject to the requirements of FAR 6.501 and MP5306.502, Air Force Competition and Commercial Advocacy Program. (2) For a service contract of $10 million or more, provide the senior procurement executive with an update on the status of the bridge contract (including the rationale for the use of the bridge contract). .

(c) In the case of the second use of a bridging contract to enable the continuation of a service under a service contract of less than $10 million occurred due to inadequate planning in accordance with the S-CAT decision-making authority, the Commander or senior civilian officer referred to in paragraph (b)(1) shall inform the Deputy Chief of staff of the Air Force and the SPE of such use. (c) 1. Contract agents should notify saF/AQC and ocS as soon as possible if they plan to use this authority for a J&A subject to the approval of the Senior Procurement Officer (SPE). d) (1) (ii) The authority to make this decision for the Air Force is the SCO or J&A licensing authority, whichever is greater. This power can no longer be delegated. (b) When first using a bridging contract to ensure the continuity of a service to be provided under a service contract due to insufficient planning established by the decision-making authority S-CAT, the owner of the application, with the contracting authority or a representative of the contracting authority for the contract:(1) For a service contract of less than US$10 million; provide an update on the status of the bridge contract (including the rationale for the use of the bridge contract) to the PEO, flag officer or civilian equivalent of the required activity, as applicable; or PEO / Head of Procurement Activity* / Alternate Designate if they meet the criteria of FAR 6.304(a)(3). If they do not meet the criteria of FAR 6 304(a)(3) = Senior Procurement Executive (f) after procurement: If a proposed change applies to new work outside the original contract, the contract agent must submit a new J&A to the competent licensing authority as a stand-alone document based on the dollar value of the contract action for the new plant. New work should not begin until the new J&A has been approved, unless it has been approved in accordance with far 6.302-2, Unusual and Mandatory Emergency.

See 5343.102-90 for considerations on the scope of the contract. .