International Agreement Competitive Restrictions Template

(a) Contract agents may use the model for justification and authorization; When the decision to continue with a CANA is made, contract officers are required to document the procurement file with the actions taken at each stage of the ACAN process. Acquisition files must contain at least documentation of justifications, motives and related steps: see MP5306.502, Air ForceCompetition and Commercial Advocacy Program. (f) After awarding the contract: when legal action is proposed for new work outside the scope of the original market, the contractor must submit to the receiving authority a new J-A as a stand-alone document, based on the dollar value of the operation of the new work. Further work is not expected to begin until the new J-A has been approved, unless approved under FAR6.302-2, Unusual and Compelling Urgency. See 5343.102-90 on the scope of the contract. (e) Prior to contract awarding: once an AD has been approved, but prior to the award of the contract, the awarding entity must submit an amended J-A for approval by the receiving authority if the dollar value of the contract is expected to exceed the appropriate authority for the initial receipt of the J-A. The amended J-A determines the increase in the initially approved J-A dollar for the successive use of a bridge contract action (for reasons other than protest) for the same program or requirement, including approval by the Senior Procurement Executive (SPE) if the initial and subsequent bridge shares amount to $10 million or more. The transmission document or e-mail should indicate the circumstances that led to the need for bridge action and include a plan to avoid bridge action in the subsequent construction. SpeS approval for repetitive bridge actions must be requested by the OEP for registration programs or by the majcom command or vice-commander for non-PEO requirements. Contract agents provide the competition`s lawyer with a copy of the signed J-A and an e-mail.

PEO/Purchasing Manager / Designated Substitutes if they meet FAR 6.304 (a) (3). meet the criteria of FAR 6.304 (a) (3) – Senior Procurement Executive 5306.202 The establishment or maintenance of alternative sources (a) solicitations forother and open competition may be published prior to the approval of the explanatory statement, with the exception of FAR6.305 (c) and the section section under the table under 5306.304 (a) a) Das (C) is the General Counsel appointed for the Air Force competition.