Healthscope Agreement Health Funds

We have agreements with more than 500 hospitals across Australia. Please call us on 1300 654 123 if you would like details about your nearest alternative hospital where we have reached an agreement. The breakdown means that members of these six funds can still be treated in health hospitals for notice, but their members will then have to expect additional expenses. The Australian Health Service Alliance (AHSA) and Healthscope`s private hospital network reached an agreement in principle after several weeks of negotiations. If your operation has not been rescheduled, it will not be considered “pre-booking.” Ask your specialist if they can re-register it before June 8 (entry before December 8, 2020) so you can benefit from the old agreement. Andrew Sando, CEO of AHSA, said the group is still negotiating fair agreements with hospitals that address consumer concerns about accessibility and value. The members of CUA Health have nothing to do. However, if you have any questions, you can contact us by email or with our team on 1300 499 260 between 8am and 5pm MESZ from Monday to Friday. You have access to an emergency and emergency service. If you are admitted in case of emergency before September 8, 2020, you will be covered by the old agreement. Members of six small health funds – including CUA Health and COMMONWEALTH Bank`s CBHS Corporate Health – will soon face higher out-pocket costs in hospitals after failing to secure a new service agreement with Healthscope.

No no. If you are already booked, you will be covered by the old contract. A few weeks ago, we wrote to members and announced an amendment to our agreement with the Healthscope Hospital Group. At the time, we were fired by Healthscope. Although we were in negotiations with Healthscope and both parties continued to seek a mutually consensual outcome, we had to notify our members of an appropriate notification of possible termination, as this would affect their level of benefits if they were to go to a health hospital. Other funds face similar difficulties in renewing their agreements. At the time of the letter, that includes the five we mentioned above. Healthscope`s proposal charged them additional fees to meet industry minimum standards for rehabilitation and mental health services. We want the best quality of care for our members and we expect the minimum industry standards to be met as a basis.