Emera Utility Services Collective Agreement

Kenneth Estabrooks had been a member of the former Construction Industry Panel since April 2002. Mr. Estabrooks is a Director of the Operating Engineers Trade School and, from 1989 to 2011, a former President/Chief Business Officer of the International Union of Operational Engineers, Local 721. He has extensive knowledge and experience in labour law and collective agreements and is recognized for his experience in labour relations. He worked in workshops and work councils. Mr. Estabrooks` current appointment continues until November 2022. Robert Shepherd was appointed to the Labour Council in November 2017. Mr.

Shepherd is the President/Owner of a consulting firm that provides operational and business management services to construction, marine and offshore companies. He was President and CEO/Owner of the Guildfords Group of Company (2005-2017). Lord. Shepherd has 40 years of experience in the construction industry and 34 years in management/ownership positions across Atlantic Canada. He has knowledge and experience in the areas of collective bargaining, labour relations, labour standards, the Trade Union Act and the OHS Act. Mr. Shepherd is a board member of the NS Construct6ion Labour Relations Association and a director of the Local 116 Insulators Skill Fund. Mr. Shepherd`s current appointment will continue until November 2022. The inhabitants of the IBEW set their own statutes, general rules and guidelines in accordance with the IBEW Constitution.

The premises have autonomy in the choice of their main civil servants, their table agents and their boards of directors (e-boards) and in the negotiation of collective agreements with the employers of their members. Local 1928 holds elections every four years to appoint its director general and its E-Council, composed of four officers – including a president, a treasurer and a reception secretary – and nine heads of unit representing geographical departments. The next owner has concluded a project limitation collective agreement with IBEW Local 1928: the following external contractors are signatories (i.e. they have signed voluntary recognition) to the current collective agreement with EUS T&D. This means that, when carrying out construction work outside the jurisdiction of Local 1928 (Nova Scotia and PEI), these contractors undertake to comply with the terms of this agreement, including salaries, contributions, travel allowances, health allowances, social and retirement allowances, daily allowances and recruitment rules (which are 1: 1 employer and locally in 1928). 1928, B. The employer can then bring his own workers). Since October 2006, George Fox has been an employer member of the former Labour Relations Council and the current Labour Council, and his current appointment continues until November 2022.