Azure Support Plan Enterprise Agreement

Azure support plans are customer support plans. The benefits of these plans are not transferable to your customers. You can access a Microsoft Azure account through the Azure account center. From there, you can see the list of subscriptions that are part of the account and that are entitled to support. A paid support plan is required to access Azure technical support. However, some Microsoft programs can allow you to access Azure`s technical support through support benefits, even if you don`t have a paid support plan. If you have these benefits, select “Additional Options” in the “Additional Options” section at the “Help Plan” stage and enter your access and contract credentials to continue. For more information, contact Azure Support. You`ll find information about creating a support ticket for data and services for an Azure subscription to a new subscription in the article Creating a support ticket for azure billing and subscription issues. 3 Advanced services of the leading support plan (top in blue) must be purchased through 21vianet technology licensing providers, please contact your Account Manager for more information. If you purchase Microsoft Azure through an Enterprise Agreement (EA), you can add a standard or professional direct support plan to your enterprise agreement by reaching your wholesale dealer (LAR). Developer support is not available through an enterprise agreement.

Yes, thanks to license mobility, if you have SA, you can “bring” “your own license” for all server products supported by virtual machines, with the exception of Windows Server. For more information, please see License Mobility via Software Assurance in Azure. If you purchased your support plan through the Azure site or Azure portal, or if you have support as part of a Microsoft customer agreement, you can cancel your existing plan and then purchase an accompanying plan on the Azure portal. More information can be found from your Account Manager or in the details of Enterprise Agreement`s Azure support or via the assistance/assistance link on the Azure portal. If you purchased your support plan through the Azure site or Azure portal, or if you have support on a Microsoft customer convention, you can make changes to the Azure portal. To change your support plan, you must first cancel your existing plan and then buy a new plan. To cancel the support plan subscription, select the support plan you want to cancel, and then select Cancel the subscription. Microsoft offers customers the ability to run non-Microsoft technologies on the Microsoft Azure platform, including, but not limited to, Linux, Oracle, SAP and IBM.

For all scenarios that can be supported through an Azure support plan, Microsoft support helps isolate the problem between the Microsoft Azure service and your custom application. You can change your Pay-As-You Go subscription to the 12-month prepaid offer. With this offer, you pay for Azure services for 12 months and receive a 5% discount on Azure services. Go to your Azure Account Center subscription and click Change Promotion. This is currently the only offer that can be switched via the Account Center. You can also contact Azure Support to change your offer. MPN/SCS – contact the MPN REGIONAL SUPPORT CENTRE in From there, log into your MPN account and contact support. Microsoft Azure is a vast collection of cloud-based services and features, ranging from virtual infrastructure computers as a service to software and service offerings like Office 365. Azure subscriptions allow businesses to choose the Azure services and features they want to provide in the cloud. Before Azure is made available, it`s important to know how Microsoft charges for Azure services and what levels of support are provided. Microsoft offers Microsoft Azure customers from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021 with standard support (with exclusions) to Microsoft Azure customers who meet all the following requirements: Explanation: The d support plan